Brush your teeth - save the potency
Are there any signs of inflammation on the gums? It is time
to go not only to the dentist:
problems with gums can cause indisposition in bed.

Scientists from Inonu University (Malatya, Turkey) have prepared an unpleasant surprise for men who suffer from gum disease. They established empirically that bleeding gums directly indicate the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Healthy gums - potency is also in order They made their unpleasant conclusions after conducting experiments involving 162 men aged about 36 years. The subjects were divided into two groups. The first group (82 tested) included men who have no problems with erection. The second group (80 participants) consisted of men suffering from impotence. For the purity of the experiment, people who did not have chronic systemic diseases were selected. From the number of volunteers, smokers were also excluded, because, according to the latest research, malignant smoking contributes to the emergence of serious problems with potency. READ ALSO: Enemies of sex: get to know them in the face. After testing, it turned out that 54% of men with erectile dysfunction had chronic periodontitis - inflammation of the dental-toothed tissue. At the same time, the defeat rate by this ailment in the control group turned out to be significantly less - 23% of the participants. After final calculations, which took into account additional factors, including the body weight of a man, the level of his income and education, the scientists were able to identify decisive correlations. It was found, therefore, that men with periodontitis have erection problems 3.3 times more often than men with healthy gums. Experts tend to explain this dependence by the fact that periodontitis can cause vascular diseases, which, in turn, have a detrimental effect on the sexual health of men.
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